Entry Regulations in Asia

As we discuss the advantages and disadvantages of letting foreign tourists into Ireland, consider what is happening in Asia. Here we ask for a self-regulated quarantine on arrival, there it is more rigorous.

If you are a Korean national wanting to return home, or a foreign tourist, you have to do a 14 day quarantine in a designated hotel. It will cost you E2,000, which covers room and meals, plus medical checks and transport.

In China, it is similar. You must stay in a designated hotel and it will cost E50 a day.

If you return to Hong Kong from Beijing (same country?), even a Hong Kong resident has to spend at least one night in a designated hotel and then two weeks in quarantine at a place of their choice  with an electronic tag that will tell if they stray from where they are supposed to be.

Despite this, the virus has started to spread again in Hong Kong. With 52 new cases yesterday, face masks are back on, bars are closed and parks such as Disneyland out of bounds.

Public gatherings are reduced from 50 people to four which is a relief to the security forces as the city tries to figure out just what the new security laws imposed by Beijing mean for businesses, families and individuals.

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