Teaching in China

The Opportunity of a Lifetime

Would you like a life –changing break while doing something worthwhile?
Like going to China as a volunteer to share your English skills? Yes, you!

Our Programs:

There are two program types

  • Long stay
  • Short stay

Visit our program page for more details.

Our Programs

Our Programs:

Long stay: one or more years. There are two semester each year: 1 March to mid-July and 1 September to mid-January. Full salary and two-way air fares paid by university.

Short stay: one semester: full salary and one-way air fare paid by university

Getting to know China: if you are interested in getting to know China, either to prepare yourself to go there or keep in touch with this emerging country, get news and insights into the culture, visit our ‘Getting to know China’ section. There you will also find a list of other institutes and groups in Ireland that relate with China.

What those who went say….

“I loved the Chinese people and they like me. The students, teachers and almost everyone else, were warm, welcoming, intrigued, especially by an older woman (a blond who wears bright red lipstick) travelling all the way on their own and one who is an avid football fan into the bargain.”
(Heather Nicolson, former London Times journalist.)

Getting to know China

‘Teaching in China gave me the opportunity to travel to many parts of the country. I have wonderful memories. I gained insights into a culture and people very different from my own. I’m still in regular contact with former students and teaching colleagues who befriended me in Nanchang and Chongqing and whom I intend to see again – as I’m still not too old.’
(John Quigley, retired civil servant from Donegal)

What you will need

What you need:

  • A third level degree
  • Some experience in teaching (doing a short TEFL course is an excellent preparation)
  • To be under 65
  • Good health
  • Openness to living in a different culture
  • A desire to be of service to Chinese youth

What is provided:

  • Placement in recommended Chinese Institute,
  • Advice in preparing the necessary papers, visa etc.
  • An Orientation Course in Ireland
  • An Orientation Course in Hong Kong on your way to China
  • Visits and assistance in practical matters through mediation with the local authorities
  • The support of like-minded people in similar work.
    (Our services are provided free of charge.)

What the University provides:

  • A furnished apartment and monthly allowance.
  • Return air ticket from Ireland (for those who do a full year)
  • Local Medical Insurance


Aitece is the Association for International Teaching, Educational and Curriculum Exchange, an independent, non-profit organisation which sponsors foreign teachers and experts wishing to work in China. It likewise facilitates Chinese educational institutes recruiting foreign teachers and experts.

Its goal is to contribute to the modernisation of China, especially through the exchange of personnel, and to promote international understanding and friendship.

Aitece is based in Hong Kong and has national offices in Europe, North  America, Australia and South-East Asia.

Since it was founded in 1988, it has sponsored over 400 foreign teachers and experts. They have worked in over 90 educational institutions in China, in 13 provinces, 2 municipalities, and 1 autonomous region.

Contact us: E-mail us at aitece.ireland@gmail.com