Coping With the Virus in Wuhan

This is the fifth week since transport was halted in Wuhan and people started confining themselves to their homes.

In the evenings they open their windows and yell, ‘Wuhan, jia you’, the shout of support for their football team.

Food is still available, though body temperatures are checked when you go outside. The only entertainment is on TV which has endless suggestions on staying healthy despite being confined indoors.

People remain cheerful and cooperate in a massive collective response to the coronavirus.

The Irish Columbans have many connections with Wuhan.  It was not only where they had their first diocese in China but the Columban Sisters ran a hospital there which is now named Wuhan No 5 Hospital and is one of those designated for coronavirus patients.

The Columban’s enterprising spirit is reflected in a young man in a parish some distance from Wuhan who recently opened a face mask business in eight days and is doing quite well.

There are usually 1.2 million university students busily studying in Wuhan. It’s where I spent five months learning Chinese some time ago so I can feel an alumni bond.

Theses day all universities in China are shut but classes continue over the internet on chat rooms. You can attend even if you are abroad!

Following up on that idea, it seems the Ireland v Italy rugby match is being called off here because of the virus. Could they not play it on schedule by Skype?

Photo 1, the empty streets of Wuhan. 2, The foreign community in Wuhan.

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