New Year Dumplings

The Lunar New Year Festival finally came but is not gone – it goes on for 15 days. However it comes so late you can see why some call it the ’Spring Festival.’

We had one of the traditional activities – cooking dumplings — at our house, with fourteen friends.

It involved a lot of work. The process includes many steps and even with willing helpers it takes a few hours.  But the making is half the fun.

The latecomers played their part by showing their appreciation, though there were a few plate-fulls left over.  The greatest embarrassment would be to run short!

For those thinking of their families back in China it was only a minor distraction but the spirit of the Lunar New Year (or Spring Festival) was alive in Maynooth for at least one evening!

And there were more celebrations the next day (more on that next time.)

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