Teaching in China is the best thing ever!

One of our teachers recently told me,

‘One class wants us to finish in one semester what normally requires two!
‘I’ve just come out from one of those classes and I feel on top of the world. My students are wonderful, amazing, a pure joy to work with!! When I went in this morning the room was cold and bleak (the temperature has dropped here) but I got a big smile from the students. They are so lovely! I usually have to give them mountains of homework but they never complain. So, there’s no question of “overdoing” it, I feel energized by the students and over the moon. Teaching in China is the best thing ever!’

Teaching in China sometimes means representing your country at local cultural events. Another teacher found himself in this position recently. Sometimes there is confusion between Ireland and Iceland, and a need to explain that Ireland is not part of England, but most young people are interested in the country because of its famous literary figures.

If you are interested in teaching in China, or know someone who might be, see www.aitece.ie.

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