Expansion without Precedent

‘Expansion without precedent’: the Education scene in China today.

According to Yale president, Richard Levin in 2010, ‘China has built the largest higher-education sector in the world within a decade.  This expansion in capacity is without precedent.’

  • China has 4000 million students
  • Children typically start formal education at age 2
  • Almost all youth in school for 9 years
  • Attendance in Primary School is 99% Tuition is free
  • Since 1986, there are 70,000 private schools at all levels.
  • 60% of High School graduates go on to third level.
  • There are 2.000 universities and colleges with 2 million students
  • ‘Harvard Girl’ was a ‘how-to’ bestseller in 2000, written by the parents of a girl who went to Harvard.
  • 127,000 Chinese students are in the USA, they are the largest group of foreign students there.
  • There are 14,000 American students in China.
  • There are 2,700 Chinese students and 2,400 in Ireland-related institutes in China.
  • There are also 2,400 English language students from China in Ireland.

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