We have received the sad news of the unexpected death of teacher Jason Power in Beijing.
Jason was on his 17th year of teaching in China. Many of our teachers would have known him from his time in Nanchang where he was a highly valued teacher who won the provincial prize on a number of occasions. In recent years he moved to Beijing to teach the students in the National Seminary.

On 20 March he was returning by subway to his apartment after meeting a friend from Ireland and got a stroke. He died shortly afterwards and was cremated in Beijing on the 24th. The Irish Ambassador was in attendance.

All who knew Jason were greatly shocked and saddened. He was a straight speaking person who spoke what he was thinking but his sincerity and kindness was soon apparent to those who met him.  He was a demanding teachers but also much appreciated by his students.

We are still waiting for further news of his passing and look forward to when we will be able to send more teachers like Jason to China again.

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