Ten Days of Celebrations

The Lunar New Year Celebrations go on till Feb 14, which happens to be another day with Spring associations in the West and, increasingly, in the East.

A few days ago Asia also celebrated ‘Arrival of Spring’ Day. (One recent member of our house community was named ‘Li Chun’ – Arrival of Spring – since he was born on that day. Happy Birthday, Peter!)

Ahead of them in reminding us of Spring were the daffodils in our garden which bloomed at the start of the month and, even before that, the pink flower on a bush whose name I don’t know. Their early flowering once more amazed and delighted me because they need no encouragement or help from me.

It would be great to think that the rest of the garden will take care of itself in that manner but an unscheduled visit to our garden shed reminded me of the work that lies ahead to keep the place at least tidy.

Why is it OK for the daffodils and our pink bush to arrive at their own pace and be welcomed while long grass, weeds, fruit fly and other insects which do the same are not? There must be a social message here somewhere.

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