Vovid Update

Another Virus story and a question.

Recently a Chinese student returned home from Ireland for non-virus related reasons. She had personal concerns and wanted to be with her family for the Lunar New Year celebrations (mid-February).

She got a virus test 72 hours before leaving, another during a transfer and one on arrival. Then she when into a two week hotel isolation during which she was tested twice. On arrival back at her home town she got another test and again was negative.

Five days into her home isolation she thought she was safe because of her six negative tests and went out for a stroll in the local area.  The next day her father tested positive. The authorities immediately saw her as the source and not only isolated her but two thousand other people in the town. Some of them were people she had met in the street, in shops and coffee bars, but the others were family members or contacts of those she had encountered.  The girl protested that she had been tested six time without showing positive but when word got out nationally a storm of abuse was unleashed on her. Imagine being castigated by one billion people on social media!

In the meantime, it seems no one had time to ask whether she got the virus after her return to China. When I shared this story with acquaintances I was surprised how their responses differed. Some blamed her for not staying at home for the prescribed two weeks and said she deserved the abuse she got. Others thought what she did was reasonable.  What do you think?

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