Ghosts in Zombie City

It is nearly a year since the Corona virus made a name for itself in Wuhan before spreading around the world. At last it seems to be declining, in China at least, so young people in Wuhan are celebrating what happened in their zombie city through Halloween events.

At a parade in an amusement park they dressed up not only as the usual ghosts, pirates and super heroes but poked fun at the virus with zombie nurses and medical instruments.

Early this year the country went through three months of severe lockdown with people confined to their homes and allowed no travel at home or abroad.

However the summer passed quietly and during the major public holidays at the start of October people were encouraged to start travelling again, within the country. Schools reopened and face masks were abandoned.  But the virus had not gone far away.

This month infections were reported again in faraway Kashgar, in Xinjiang, but more worrying in the more central city of Qingdao. After two dock workers were found positive and a number of people infected, nine million people in the neighbouring area were told to take a test. People are beginning to search for their face masks again and think of social distancing.

During Halloween there will be one ghost in the background that no one wants to meet, it has frightened enough people already.

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