Online Spirit Services

Where does popular religion go online during Covid? China of course.

The Chinese version of Amazon advertises religious services such as making the loved one you broke up with return to you, ensuring your car is safe and protecting your pet.

1,800 people signed up at E50 a go to have their ex-loved one forcibly returning to them by the intervention of spiritual powers.

A fortune teller promises to help solve worries about marriages, careers, emotional states or children’s future for as little as E90. He will inform you about your past first and if he is wrong you wont have to pay any money. 200 have signed up.

There is a newly recognised ‘God of the Car’ who will help you drive without accidents. It cost E40.

A popular item is offering prayers for an unborn child. It costs E30 a month.

Photos: 1. Your Fortune

2. Force loved-one to return 3. Offer prayers for unborn

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