The Virus, there and here

With the Covid rate and fear increasing in Ireland every day, it is interesting that in China, with a  population of one and a half billion, the number of new cases is minimal and stable.

How did they manage that?

Back in January, once the threat of the virus was officially acknowledged, they immediately ordered a strict lockdown in Wuhan, where the virus started to spread. Gradually the restrictions were implemented in other parts of the country and for the next three months over half of the population was confined to their homes. After three months the regulations were gradually eased and now the only concern is that the virus will come back through people returning to China from abroad.

So they have made it difficult for people to return.  I know some Chinese students who have being waiting since May for a chance.  The odds are against them. The number of flights is restricted and the cost is about five times what it was.

Besides that, they have to get a Covid test before they leave and that costs at least E180.

When they do arrive in China they have to enter a quarantine center for two weeks for which they have to pay themselves.

Despite the rigid lockdown, the economy seems to have survived, though it took a beating.  The government offered no compensation to those put out of work or to small businesses that had to close.

How did our response differ and why? We value our freedom, they value their security. 

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