Behind the Scenes in Hong Kong

At present the Hong Kong ‘riots’ seem paused as both side wait to see how the other will react.

An interesting question remains, are there any outside influences involved, either foreign anti-China groups or mainland dissidents?

While most Western and many East Asian democracies support the protesters there is no evidence of any them being actively involved, not to say the instigators.

Within China, public and social media have been used to spread conspiracy theories that the United States and Britain are behind all the troubles. They condemn the protests strongly, support the Hong Kong police and call for compulsory patriotic education in the city.

Most ordinary people on the mainland just continue to get on with life, which is improving gradually. The public media that touch their lives seldom mention Hong Kong.  The social media-savvy may have an idea of what is happening but any mention of the protests is deleted. 

There is a rumour, emerging from the mainland, that a group within the Communist party that is opposed to President Xi might be involved.  His increasing efforts to bring about his ‘China Dream’ has led to his taking increasing control of the country despite the lessons of the Mao Era that one man should not have complete power.

His clampdown is particularly felt in religious circles where possession of more than one copy of the Bible may now be regarded as a crime.

Using Hong Kong to raise an opposing voice might be tempting for the opposition.

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