Another Celebration!

The Chinese Spring Festival New Year celebrations have not yet ended in Ireland!

Last night the ‘Gala’ (as New Year concerts are called in China) was in the Maynooth University Students Union.  There were singing (no dancing), food and, of course, a raffle.

The number of students participating was boosted by a group from the Confucian Institute in Dublin.

Dishes of food were presented to each table and included favourites such as spring rolls, chicken wings, dumplings, friend rice, fried noodles and Chinese style chips. Everything else was prepared by the students themselves and if it was not up to TV-performance level, the enthusiasm and cheer made up for it.

Not all the students were Chinese, among the performers were young people from Europe,  Africa and India,  studying Chinese here.  Each table had a ‘menu’ encouraging everyone to learn a few words.

It is another reminder of how Chinese influence is extending throughout the world.  The students’ celebration illustrated the positive side.   

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