A Chance to Experience China

Today two more volunteer teachers set out for Hong Kong on their way to China. They will teach in state universities. One, Eimer, has already taught on the mainland and will be returning to Chongqing, a major city with a population of over 30 million people.

Margret is on her first visit and will be teaching in Wuhan which has its connections with Ireland as the Columban Fathers, who started as the Maynooth Mission to China, have their roots there.

They are sponsored by AITECE (see www.aitece.com) who have arranged a break and orientation for them in Hong Kong before setting out for the mainland.

There are now direct flights from Dublin to Hong Kong, only 12 hours on Cathay Pacific, but China and Ireland are two different worlds.

China is not just a paradise for food, exotic sights (to Western eyes) and an amazing culture but also for teachers. Or at least that is the experience of the Irish teachers who have gone there with AITECE.  They report that they have never met students who are so open, friendly and responsive – a teacher’s dream, they say.

If you have a third level degree, or know someone who has, this is a great opportunity not only to meet the students but to experience another world.

Just add on, if necessary, a short course in teaching English as a foreign language and you are ready to go! (Also, you need to between 22 and 60.)

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