Horses, Zen and Irish Hermits

Where in Ireland do East Asia, ancient Irish hermits and thoroughbred horses come together?

The answer, of course, is the National Stud, near us here in Kildare.

The Stud is not only the home for famous racehorses but has an international school for horse management and training. Its students come for all over the world (see the photo), including China, Korea and Japan.

Within the Stud grounds is the 100 year-old Japanese Garden. A section hosts a Zen garden for those who want a touch of Buddhist spirituality.

Irish spirituality is represented in the St Fiachra’s Garden area with its copies of traditional beehive stone hermitages.

For those unable, at this moment of their life, to go to the Orient here is a chance of experiencing it while reflecting on the Celtic heritage and getting an insight into the romantic side of a horse’s life.

Enjoy the summer weather!  

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