Not just Any Old Way of being in China

Every time I meet a teacher, or even someone in teacher training, I tell them about China and they show an interest in going to a country that is said to be a ‘teachers’ paradise’ because of the positive and friendly attitude of the students.

Not so long ago it would seem adventurous to go to China but now many young Irish go there for studies, on business, touring or as teachers in language institutes.

What is unique about our Aitece program is that the teachers  go to 3rd level institutes where the teaching hours are not crammed and they have time to get to know the students and the country.

They are paid by the government but Aitece gives them logistical and moral support with an orientation course and follow-up to check they are settling in well.

In the photos are a couple from Navan,  Ruairi and Mary Sommers, whom I met in February just before they went back to Wuhan for another semester. This is their sixth year in China and they would like to keep going back though family obligations are beginning to tell.  The other photo is of Ruairi representing Ireland at an international event in Wuhan.

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