Koreans in Ireland

According to official statistics, there are only 527 Koreans living in Ireland (though many Korean students come for English in the summer). Only 122 of them stated they are ‘South Korean,’  the other 405 did not indicate whether they are from North or South. It seems some at least are from the North.

Despite the seemingly low number of Koreans in Ireland, on 26 May the Korean Society of Ireland held its AGM in Dublin and elected new trustees as it moves to becoming a charitable organisation.  For a number of years the Society has arranged cultural events not only for Koreans in Ireland but for Irish interested in Korea and offered legal assistance to Koreans with legal difficulties.

The President is Prof. Kenneth Mok of Trinity College.

There is an equal, if not greater, number of Irish in Korea as language teachers, church communities or in business. They have their own Irish-Korean Society.

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