Ireland and China: Education Exchange

There are approximately 5,000 Chinese students in Ireland, the second largest non-European group.

The Irish Government has made it one of its priorities to encourage them. Top officials attend Educations Fairs all over China, reminding parents that ‘all of Irish universities are ranked in the top 5% worldwide.’

Also, there are over 2,400 Irish students in China, often as part of exchange programs between Irish universities and institutes in China.

Education is important in China though the youngsters in these photos are taking time off from their studies to escape to traditional ‘comic library’ shops.  TV and smart phones are challenging this popular recreation though parents will continue to be vigilant in ensuing their children study hard and hopefully get to study abroad in countries like Ireland.

This photo was taken by an Irish teacher, Triona O’Driscoll, sponsored by Aitece, an Irish non–profit organisation, in China since 1988. (



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